Why you are what you are? Secret of your birth!

By- Abhudai Pal

“We blindly copy each other, without realizing, Destiny had set different papers for us”. You must be curious to know why destiny set different paper for everyone. How time-consuming it must be and how ideal is destiny to set different paper for everyone?
Often, the frustrations of your failure lead to the ignition of questions which challenge the logical understanding of life. It seems as if an invisible hand is operating the universe on its whims and fancies.
Ignites you up to an extent that you blame GOD for every injustice you feel.

Questions arises such as:

Why you are born in this city/village/metropolitan/country?

Why this couple is your parent?

Why your parents aren’t so successful as you want?
Why your friends are born rich, whereas you had to suffer for every task?
Why you are not obtaining the satisfying result with the significant amount of hard work you put in?
Is there a fault in your stars?
Why you are destined to all fatalities? Why you are not as intelligent as others?

“WORK-HARD, there is no substitute to it”, would be a reply of any Rational person to these questions besides tagging the person “INDOLENT”.
The answers to these questions are explained by HINDU PHILOSOPHY concept “PRARABDHA”.
Prarabdha is the deposit of Karma if your deposit is healthy you are born in a PRIVILEGED family while, if your deposit is not good(as per you), you are born in not so privileged family. This concept is Inter-birth, i.e. what good karma or bad-karma you did in your past life determines your existence in this life.

The inter-birth nature of “PRARABDHA” provides no scientific evidence to it. It sounds unconvincing, especially for the atheist but you had to believe it because of what logical explanation you can give of the following:
Why someone born in America and Why some in Africa?
Why the servant of your home, never get a chance to be educated while you are?
Why a person is able to grasp faster, while some not?
Why some kids are born to be Celebrities i.e. Kid of celebrities?
I too was of opinion, I will work hard, and I will succeed.

Contemplating a lot about my environment, I noticed many things I possess by virtue of my birth only. To reach up to my level, others had to toil day and night. This gave me a convincing reason to believe the concept of Prarabdha.
So, should you stop working hard, when you aren’t fetching result? A valid question!
Absolutely No, You aren’t getting 100% but you might be getting 50%. But if you stop working you would not get even 50%. Do you want that? You will get positive results when your bad karma will surpass your Good karma. This requires a lot of patience and there is no way to alter it as per my knowledge.

To pursue your goals work diligently, harmoniously, and assess yourself periodically. Sometimes when life goes topsy-turvy, Pray to LORD for your well being. You can’t change your karma of previous life, but you can change this life Karma.
This concept is spiritual, and spirituality is based on Intuition and higher self not on pillars of LOGICS.
The reason you had to believe it because you simply can’t disprove it?
Do more Good-Karma to surpass your Bad-Karma. Good-Karma involves helping people who are less fortunate than you.


1- The frustration of your failure surface questions in your conscience about your existence perse.

2- Prarabdha a hindu philosophy concept which says that what you did in your past life determines your present condition of this life.

3- If you work hard and you do not fetch positive results then don't stop working.

4- You will reap results when your good karma will surpass your bad karma.

5- Helping the ones who are less fortunate than you increases your good karma deposit.


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