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Teenage Love - Your unforgettable and the innocent behaviour for your crush.

By - Abhudai Pal The long hours you spent in front of the mirror admiring yourself. The Childlike mind of yours, influenced by all new Gadgets, Dresses, Cosmetics, I-phones, Movies, etc. Spending a lot of time to purchase the best facewash/Gel/Hair-oil. Singing all newly released songs with emotions. The strange emotions of your mind. The hormonal release you felt for the opposite-sex been nowhere as strong as this time. Teenage is a pleasant unusual period of life. The physical changes which onset the beginning of teenage are noticed with hairs, a lot of hair on your body. You must be surprised as the flawless, hairless skin begins to be blanketed by the thin layer of hair. The most drastic and negative effect of teenage is PIMPLES; some of you might have managed to sail through it while some might not. The most favorite hours you spent in your Teenage must be in Bathroom, bathing for a significant time (What else you thought of in Bathroom). In Teenage the mos