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What is your relationship status? Is it unofficial?

By- Abhudai Pal  Oh, Something is saucy! Why don’t you confess your feeling? Every person hears these from his friends at least once in a life. In a world of  “HOOK UP” culture, why some people find it daunting to confess? Whereas for the majority of youngsters, confession dialogues are the same for every one they find in a club, what changes with time is the person with whom they confess?  The problem with individuals who don’t confess is, neither they confess nor they allow any of their peer to do so. The situation becomes a stalemate. What name/title would be appropriate for such type of RELATIONSHIP?  Don’t you think, they understand the  relationship better then who are  officially in RELATIONSHIP? I term this RELATIONSHIP as  unsaid/unofficial Relationship The unofficial relationship isn’t  constrained by LOVERS only;  it resides in every aspect of life. You feel more connected to an enemy than strangers in PUBLIC PLACE. This behavior of human

7 Great mistakes to avoid to save your relationship. Is your Relationship really mature?

By - Abhudai Pal “How enchanting it must be, to be in a RELATIONSHIP.” Said a single. “I too thought the same before being committed” – A committed person  A relationship is the most enticing topic of discussion in a person's prime. Youth want to be in a RELATIONSHIP. Don’t you? Singles have the utopian vision of “RELATIONSHIP” while couples want to get rid of it. The huge  shift in paradigm!! Couples argue, My Partner is no more understanding as he/she was. My partner has no time left for me. He/She doesn’t love me anymore. He/She doesn’t go for a date as we used to go. He/She has no affection toward me. Few Relationships convert into marriages, but many youths are committed. Fascinating! Before you are in a relationship, it seems a panacea, once you are committed; you find ways to get rid of it deliberately. Isn’t this thought-provoking? This implies that a significant number of youths are “HEARTBROKEN”? Then how could their performance in