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The cause of Mahabharata! Could Bhism Pitamah had subverted the War?

By - Abhudai Pal  Bloodshed! Bloodbath! Hue and Cries!  The whimpering of widows! The grave silence! Broken families and civilization decimated!  Pic credit to the rightful owner. Just imagine a scene with the above situation(s). You will shudder! And, you should cry, regret, repent, shout, and feel the agony in your arteries and veins.  What led to the birth of such a scenario?  Is it because of an individual's ill-intention?  Could this be prevented?  In my mind, plenty of questions arises regarding such dystopia.  The answer to all of my questions is just one word.   "WAR" It is the WAR that gave birth to these scenarios. Who wins in a war? I do not know! However, it is the entire humanity that loses because of a WAR.  If I had told you, the WAR I am talking about could have been prevented just because of one person. And that person stayed silent because of his commitments.  Would you revere him?  I am talking about India's most famous Epic, "THE MAHABHARATA.&