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The cost of being apolitical. Can you afford to be apolitical in a democracy?

By - Abhudai Pal   "I hate politics. All politicians are the same. What I want is peaceful life free of politics."  The above words are of a privileged Indian youth who don’t like politics. Privileged because of the ceiling over his head and meal on time more than two times a day. Another privileged is his “cellular data pack.”  The only thing which worries India’s youth is the exhaustion of 1.5/2 GB of his daily data pack. He should be. After all, the lack of data might make him data malnourished. Without it, the person's ability to rant on social media is nil. Actually, guys/girls of this ilk are awesome. They want a peaceful life but do not know how peace is maintained in society? Or they are ignorant to acknowledge it.  Well, I won’t discuss politics here. However,  I desperately want to ask  certain questions to the apolitical youth of India .  Do you want clean air to breathe?  Are you against women-related crimes like Rape, Eve-teasing, sexual harassment, domestic